The noble Muscat, the original grapevine of the Mediterranean, produces enticingly aromatic and intriguing sparkling wines of the world. Muscat identifies with the Anathelicon moschaton vine of the Greeks because insects, particularly bees are drawn to the luscious sweetness of the grape and will voraciously devour the flesh, leaving only the skins and seeds behind. The majestic grape produces wines that have the same mesmerizing effects on wine drinkers exuding flavors and swirling aromas redolent of ripe juicy citrus and stone fruits, flowers, honey and exotic spices. 


Honey Bubbles Sparkling Moscato is exquisitely blended using the Muscat Canelli (aka Muscat a Petit Grains), and Muscat of Alexandria grape varietals to create an elegant structure with delightful aromatics of Meyer lemon, tangerine, white flowers, peaches and honey.


Honey Bubbles Tasting Profile: The palate offers bubbling mousse flourishing with sweet citrus and tangerine, honey, peaches, white flowers and orange zest on the finish. The wine has an intriguing balance of sweetness and acidity providing structure and making it the perfect aperitif for light appetizer courses such as salads and soft cheeses; structured enough to pair with spicy cuisine, and also a great companion to light and fruit driven desserts. 

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